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Q I was wondering why the Ramstein Northside Post Office does not use e-mail as a way to notify its customers that packages are awaiting pickup?
I am a civilian employee at a detachment unit, so I only get to Ramstein once a week to check my mail. I would go more often during busy times, like the holidays, if I knew in advance that I had a package for pickup.
Each member who has a post office box is required to give his or her e-mail address when in-processing for a mail box, so is it possible to send them an e-mail to notify them when they need to come for pickup?

A A great question as we know mail and time are precious commodities.
We currently have a software system that was intended just for this purpose. Unfortunately, the software has glitches and is not 100 percent reliable. Consequently, the system was taken offline to patch and we intend to bring it back once we confirm it is functioning correctly.

We will notify our customers once we get the system back online. We are targeting April to make this happen.

Thank you for your input and patience. We agree with you that we need the e-mail notification capability for our mail.

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