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Q I am very disappointed with the poor quality of patient care and consideration provided to spouses of fliers. After the Flight Medicine Lab told me to call back for recent test results, I called for four days without anyone answering the phone.

A nurse eventually called and explained a series of ‘old-system/new-system’ errors. More confusion and mistakes followed; I had to go back to have more blood drawn. I think more training in patient care is definitely needed and spouses of fliers need to know they matter.  

A I am sorry that your experience at the 435th Medical Group did not meet your expectations, but let me assure you that they are focused on giving all of their patients the best possible care. First, it is important that everyone understands that all of our patients can and should expect the same quality care regardless of duty status or position.

It is clear that you are not satisfied with your experience and that means we need to look into this matter further. Because we do not have all the information we need to do this, I ask that you contact the clinic’s patient advocate and explain what happened. They will then be able to address your concerns.

The same goes for all our patients; if at any time you are not satisfied with your experience, contact that clinic’s patient advocate to help get your concerns addressed. Their contact information is posted in the patient waiting areas.

The Flight Medicine patient advocate is Tech. Sgt. Jamie Richardson at 479-2282. I thank you for your feedback and know our professional warrior medics will use it to help continually improve the services they deliver.   

The Commander’s Action Line gives KMC members a direct link to wing leadership.  The action line is a way for KMC members to ask a question or express a concern on the policies and procedures of the base, as well as discuss safety and security issues.  To submit an action line, e-mail with “Action Line” as the subject.