Commanders meet, discuss discipline

Story and photo by Airman 1st Class Jordan Castelan
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Commanders from the 86th Airlift Wing, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and 521st Air Mobility Wing gathered for the quarterly status of discipline meeting Wednesday in the Ramstein Legal Office.

The status of discipline is a way for the three wing commanders to gain insight on how disciplinary actions are handled by their unit leaders.

“The status of discipline provides an opportunity for commanders and their first sergeants to discuss previous disciplinary actions over the past three months, to cross-feed future possible plans of action and to brief the wing commanders on disciplinary routes,” said Capt. John Bone, 86th AW judge advocate chief of military justice.

The cross-feeding of ideas between squadrons also aids in providing an equal understanding and breakdown for future incidents previously not dealt with.

“For those involved, having an opportunity to ask how certain situations have been handled previously can make all the difference,” Bone said. “There are also calls to the judge advocate asking for the (judge advocate general’s) ideas for routes to a solution.”

Privacy is ensured when previous actions are being presented.

“During the briefing, all names are withheld,” Bone said. “The only time information, besides unit violation and disciplinary actions taken, are made public is when the case is a court martial.”

Although no one plans on getting in trouble, service members should be aware steps are being taken for fair discipline.

“We want the base populace to know that their chain of command does not follow through with the status of discipline meeting for arbitrary reasons,” said Col. Bill Ward, 86th Operations Group commander. “As a group commander, the status of discipline meeting provides informational standing point to base decisions, not just my experiences, but that of the entire chain of command.”

Ramstein had a total of 223 Article 15s, 154 administrative discharges and 19 courts-martial last year.