Comments count at fitness centers

Lisa Tolarchyk and Dawn Johnson
435th Services Fitness Center staff

Have a great idea for an aerobic class at the Ramtein Southside Fitness Center? Have a suggestion as to how Services could better serve the KMC?
One of the best ways to get ideas and suggestions heard is to fill out a 435th Services Customer Comment Card. By filling out a comment card, the fitness team can address ideas, suggestions, and concerns.

Services tries hard to meet all customers’ needs and wishes, but in order for the fitness staff to answer questions or consider ideas, much information in needed from the customer.

When filling out a customer comment card, be as specific as possible regarding the situation. Indicate positive or negative comments and what needs changing, and also how this change would impact the situation.
Please fill out the comment card as soon as the situation occurs. Customer comment cards are reviewed daily and are an important part of improving customer service. Provide accurate details of the situation or circumstance. Provide date, time, type of class, instructor’s name, employee’s name and any information pertaining to these details. Accurate information and details allows for the best answer to any comments and concerns.

When filling out a customer comment card be sure to provide personal information, including name, phone number and e-mail address, if available. Although some customers may wish to remain anonymous, providing this information allows customers a chance to speak with management regarding comments and allows fitness center staff to provide a direct answer on what can or is being done to correct any deficiencies.

Please keep in mind positive comments are greatly appreciated, as a “thank you” or “good job” go a long way in helping the staff know they are providing services needed.