Community Awareness: Skate Park Rules

by Senior Airman Vanesa Carter
569th USFPS

Summer is soon approaching, and there are noticeably more children out enjoying the weather. The skate park is where you will find the majority of children after school or on weekends. 

“Like any other facility used, there are rules that must be followed, and as a community we must enforce the rules of the park to ensure our children are safely enjoying themselves,” said youth center director Mark Cobb.

A few important rules of the park are:

» All skaters must properly wear a helmet, wrist guards, and knee and elbow pads.

» Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a  parent or guardian 18 years or older.

» No smoking, use of alcohol or foul language is permitted.
The skate park belongs to the community and the community needs to take a vested interest in what goes on there.

So, next time you’re driving by the skate park and you see a child breaking the rules, stop and correct their actions.

Personnel who violate park rules will be removed and will be subject to suspension of privileges.