Community focus: Weilerbach

by Brig. Gen. Rich Johnston
86th Airlift Wing commander

***image1***The union community of Weilerbach consists of Weilerbach and the villages of Erzenhausen, Eulenbis, Kollweiler, Mackenbach, Reichenbach-Steegen, Rodenbach and Schwedelbach and has almost 15,000 residents. Union community mayor is Anja Pfeiffer.

Weilerbach was first documented in 1215 as “Wilrebach.” The name refers to a “bach” meaning creek, which ran next to some farm houses. Between the eighth and the 12th century, Weilerbach turned into one of the most important settlements and the biggest jurisdiction in the area.

First traces of human beings date back to Stone Age. Later, Celts and Romans left behind rich archaeological finds.

The Reinhard-Blauth-Museum displays the regions’ history from Stone Age until the 19th century. The oldest finds are two pestles used for farming from the Neolithic age. Pieces of dishes, pots and mugs from an early Roman grave field give evidence of Roman settlements. From the 18th century there are three original pulpit bibles. From the 19th century there are tools, furniture and agricultural items. Mackenbach has a musicians museum and Eulenbis has a berry wine museum.

A hiking route which goes around Weilerbach and Rodenbach presents to hikers the early and prehistoric times of the area. It passes both churches and the museum in Weilerbach, and in Rodenbach it passes  the Celtic Duke’s grave and leads to the sculpture route. It is 15 kilometers long and can be recognized by little signs showing a yellow snout jug.

Sports activities include inline skating, which is possible on the former railroad lines between Weilerbach and Reichenbach-Steegen. Tennis courts are in Weilerbach, Mackenbach and Rodenbach. Outdoor swimming during summer is offered in Rodenbach.

At the moment, the Reinhard-Blauth-Museum has a special exhibition on postcards from 1886 to 1940. The museum is in the Bürgerhaus on Schulstrasse. It is open 3 to 5 p.m. Sundays or by appointment by calling 06374-1697 or 06374-992909. Admission is free.For details, call the Weilerbach tourist office at 06374-922-131 or visit