Copier monitors assure functioning, funded unit copiers

As the new fiscal year approaches, copier monitors are encouraged to
ensure a funding document number is established for copier payment
through their resource advisor.

According to Tech. Sgt. Anthony Varano, base copier manager, units must
ensure the number is established for the copier contract. The new
contract started in FY 2005 and will run through 2009. Units must
create a funding document number annually, each September, to ensure
payment is set-up for each year.

“Numerous Ramstein copiers lack the proper funding because units have
not established (a funding document number) for payment to DAPS,” said
Sergeant Varano.  

Monitors can obtain the information needed from their copy machines and
coordinate with the unit resource manager. Then they can enter the
information into the database and send information to the base and
major command copier managers.  

“Each copier requires a copier monitor for maintenance, accountability
and funding,” said Carl Martin, U.S. Air Forces in Europe Document
Automation and Production Service liaison.

Copier monitors assist their units with calling in their copier for
maintenance and working with their respective copier program manager.

Questions on the copier management program can be directed to Sergeant
Varano at 480-6260. USAFE staff offices should call Carl Martin at
Check out the Web site
direct/foas/css/scx/SCXM/DAPS/Copier%20Program%20Documents/DAPS.htm for more information on the program.
(Information provided by the 435th Communications Squadron)