County schedules two bulk trash pick-ups

Kaiserslautern County Administration

Each year, the Kaiserslautern County Administration office schedules two dates for picking up bulk trash in KMC villages.

***image1***Bulk trash includes all items residents would not take when moving and items which don’t fit in a regular garbage can. Bulk items include carpets, large toys, plastic baskets, ovens, big suitcases, boxes and furniture.

Two vehicles pick up the trash. One vehicle only picks up wooden items and the second vehicle collects non-recyclable items. Residents are asked to separate their bulk trash and place it accordingly.

Construction and renovation items such as stones, windows and doors, as well as trees, large branches, oil tanks, barrels and car parts are not considered bulk trash.

The vehicles also won’t pick up recyclables, such as cardboard, metal pieces, electrical appliances such as washing machines, dish-washers, lawnmowers, refrigerators and freezers.

The bulk trash must be placed at the edge of the street by 6 a.m. the day of the pick-up and in a way pedestrians and traffic are not hindered.

Following is a list of pick-up dates for union communities in the Kaiserslautern County:

Bruchmühlbach-Miesau Union Community:

Bruchmühlbach: Jan. 22 and Aug. 27
Buchholz: Feb. 15 and Aug. 30
Elschbach, Elschbacher Hof: Feb. 16 and Aug. 30
Gerhardsbrunn, Lambsborn, Langwieden: Feb. 6 and Sept. 11
Martinshöhe: Jan. 29 and Aug. 20
Miesau: Feb. 14 and Aug. 29
Vogelbach: Jan. 26 and July 7

Enkenbach-Alsenborn Union Community:
Alsenborn: Tuesday and June 26
Baalborn: Wednesday and June 28
Enkenbach, Obere Eselsmühle: Monday and June 25
Mehlingen: Wednesday and June 27
Sembach, Neuhemsbach: today and June 28

Hochspeyer Union Community:
Fischbach: June 20
Frankenstein: June 22
Hochspeyer: June 20
Waldleiningen: June 22

***image2***Kaiserslautern-Süd Union Community:
Krickenbach, Schopp: Feb. 8 and Sept. 13
Stelzenberg: June 22
Langensohl: June 21
Linden: Feb. 9 and Sept. 14
Queidersbach: Feb. 7 and Sept. 12
Trippstadt: June 21

Landstuhl Union Community:
Bann, Oberarnbach, Mittelbrunn: Feb. 5 and Sept. 10
Hauptstuhl: Jan. 29 and Aug. 20
Kindsbach: Thursday and June 29
Landstuhl-Stadt: Jan. 23 and July 7
Landstuhl-Melkerei: Jan. 25 and July 5
Landstuhl-Atzel: Jan. 24 and July 4

Otterbach Union Community:
Frankelbach, Olsbrücken, Sulzbachtal: Feb. 28 and Sept. 26
Hirschhorn, Katzweiler, Feb. 27 and Sept. 25
Mehlbach: March 1 and Sept. 24
Otterbach: Feb. 26 and Sept. 27
Sambach: Feb. 26 and Sept. 28

Otterberg Union Community:
Otterberg, Drehenthalerhof: March 8 and Sept. 20
Heiligenmoschel, Schneckenhausen: March 12 and Oct. 8
Heimkirchen, Niederkirchen: March 9 and Sept. 21
Otterberg: March 2 and Sept. 25
Schallodenbach: March 1 and Sept. 27
Wörsbach, Morbach: March 2 and Sept. 28

Ramstein-Miesenbach Union Community:
Hütschenhausen, Katzenbach: Feb. 12 and July 2
Kirchmohr, Obermohr, Schrollbach: Feb. 23 and Sept. 7
Kottweiler-Schwanden: March 6 and Aug. 23
Miesenbach: Jan. 31 and Aug. 22
Ramstein: Jan. 30 and Aug. 21
Reuschbach, Niedermohr: March 7 and Sept. 19
Spesbach: Feb. 13 and Aug. 28
Steinwenden, Weltersbach: Feb. 1 and Sept. 18

Weilerbach Union Community:
Albersbach, Reichenbach-Steegen: March 3 and Aug. 23
Erzenhausen, Eulenbis: Feb. 21 and Sept. 5
Fockenberg-Limbach: March 7 and Sept. 19
Kollweiler, Pörrbach, Schwedelbach: Feb. 22 and Sept. 6
Mackenbach: March 5 and Sept. 3
Rodenbach: Feb. 19 and Sept. 17
Weilerbach, Samuelshof: Feb. 20 and Sept. 4

For more information, call the Kaiserslautern Environmental Office at 0631-7105-408 or 0631-7105-505 or e-mail