Crime Prevention

by Tech. Sgt. Daryl L. Allen
86th Security Forces Squadron

On behalf of the 86th Security Forces Squadron, I would like to provide you with some crime prevention safety tips to secure your items during the upcoming holiday season.

Around this time of the year, there is normally a spike in crime because we get a little complacent with the security of our personal items.

Even though it’s a time of the year to be jolly, it is also the season to be wary of burglars, thieves and pickpockets (during holiday traveling).

We normally look at the holidays as a time to spend with our families, travel or just relax, but burglars have a different agenda. They look at it as an opportunity to burglarize your homes and cars for cash, gifts, etc. 

Here are a few tips to help secure your items so you can be sure you don’t become a victim of crime.

• Consider installing a vehicle alarm.
• Never leave your vehicle unsecured and unattended, even for a few minutes.
• Never leave valuables in your vehicle. If needed, place them in the trunk or out of sight.
• Park in a well-lit area or lock your garage if you have one.
• Keep a spare key in your wallet or purse. Never store it anywhere on or near the
• Keep a record of your vehicle license number, vehicle identification number, engine serial number, and serial numbers of any accessories in your wallet or purse in case your vehicle is stolen.

• Never leave your house or apartment unsecured, even if you are leaving for a few minutes.
• If you go out for the evening, leave on a light or TV to confuse potential burglars.
• Try not to develop patterns.
• If you are planning a trip, ensure you have someone watching your place while you are traveling abroad.
• Have someone collect your newspapers, mail and advertising flyers on doors. Items like this piling up at your home alerts potential burglars that no one is at the residence.
• After the holidays, don’t pile up boxes by your house. This alerts burglars you have high dollar items in your residence. I encourage you to remove the mailing address, break the boxes down and drop them off at an approved recycling center.    
Remember, it only takes a few seconds to secure your vehicle and home.