Cruise Europe

by Jörg Scharff
Owner of TUI Reisecenter Scharff

Cruising is a favorite type of travelling for me and my family. We have gone on cruises through the Mediterranean and the Norway and northern passages. The current cruising boom is proof that this type of vacationing is becoming popular with other travellers as well.

The best part about going on a cruise is that, despite the fact you are constantly travelling to new destinations, you always remain in the same room. You have the opportunity to experience a new place every day without the inconvenience of a room change. You are brought to every destination in comfort and convenience. The decor of the rooms, and the ship itself, is comfortable and luxurious. Everything is provided for you in the way of travel – all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Cruise ships feature the same array of comforts that you would find in any hotel, plus more. They offer amenities such as health and wellness spas, full-service fitness centers with professional instructors, golf simulators with training units guided by pros, lavish pools with sun loungers, bars and clubs, performance theaters featuring first-rate live shows and, of course, on-board restaurants with delicious food and fantastic drinks.

Because so many options are offered for entertainment and leisure, everyone is bound to find something that suits their taste.

If you find that you would like to get off the boat for a bit during your cruise, you are also able to go off-board and explore the ports that your cruise ship will stop at. I can only recommend it!

The dress code has changed drastically since the time when cruises were considered to be exclusively for high-society socialites. Today, the strict dress code of the past has vanished completely. Nowadays you can dress however you desire, be it athletic, casual or chic. This creates a more relaxed vacationing atmosphere.

Since my first cruise, I have persuaded many clients to vacation like this. The majority of my clients who go on a cruise once are so satisfied with their first-time experience that they will book a cruise again for another vacation.

Go on a cruise with your family or your good friends! It is more than affordable and I promise you will experience one of the greatest holiday trips you will go on!

First-time cruising can be overwhelming. There are a lot of different categories of boats. To find the one that suits your needs and offers the amenities you seek takes time. For some assistance on finding the ship that is perfect for you, why not go and see a professional travel agency? They will give you great advice on what

cruising has to offer.

Need help planning your cruise? Call your cruise expert!

There are many cruise lines, ships and routes to fit every budget and vacation style. With so many important decisions to make, we know that cruise planning can be complicated.

For help or recommendations, call the cruise specialists of Junker Reisen. They’re experts who can assist you with all your cruise needs every step of the way. From cruise line recommendations to ship information, deals, discounts and upgrades, they have an answer for every one of your questions. Plus, they’ll continue to be available after you book for any questions you have or changes to your reservation.

Whether you want to know where to start or are ready to book, we’re here for you. Call Junker Reisen at 0631-362-1131.