Current Off-Limits List

U.S. Forces personnel are prohibited from entering establishments or conducting business with the following firms, individuals and organizations, except as required by official business:

» Marco Banf (MBT and BTM moving company), Kirchdell 16, Kaiserslautern

» Axel Burghammer (car sales), Im Bachgraben 11, Landstuhl

» Ramona Fröhlich (daycare), Hebelstrasse 12, Katzweiler

» Mohammad Koohi (Arya Club), Steinstrasse 56, Kaiserslautern

» Martin Massa (cleaning business), Turnerstrasse 70, Kaiserslautern

» James Brown (cleaning business), Obergasse 20, Weilerbach

» Gisela Smith and Herbert Sator (dog sellers), Steinwendenerstrasse 23a, Kottweiler

» Angelika Picker (AP Bausysteme/construction), Kaiserstrasse 15, Pirmasens

» Brigitte Weinand (daycare), Weberstrasse 21, Kindsbach

Military members who violate this prohibition are subject to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Civilians are cautioned these establishments have been declared off-limits to members of the armed forces because the commander has determined it threatens the health, safety morale or welfare of service members.