Customs helps guests drive temporarily in Germany

Visitors can legally drive USAREUR-plated vehicles in Germany with customs authorization certificate

Visitors to Germany can get authority from U.S. Army Europe to drive USAREUR-plated vehicles while vacationing in Germany. Friends and family members who do not live in Germany may be able to use this exception with a simple authorization certificate.
“Driving in Germany is tax and duty-free for USAREUR Soldiers, civilians and dependents,” said Anja Rowland at the USAREUR Office of the Provost Marshal Customs Executive Agency. Guests are not normally allowed this exception, which is why a customs authorization is necessary. The authorization can be provided if visitors have an international driver’s license for Germany issued in the States or their country of residence. However, it does not allow them to buy tax and duty-free gasoline.
When a member requests the exception to policy, they must bring their USAREUR registration with them, said Susan Barton, 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s Customs and Border Clearance Program manager.
“Customs office personnel must determine that the vehicle belongs to the member,” Ms. Barton said. “People cannot request an exception to drive a vehicle that they do not own. Either military members or their spouses may request this exception for the visiting family members.”
“You will need your guests’ passport numbers, so get them early.” Any military customs office can approve applications for direct family members.
For friends and non-immediate family members, the sponsor must send the application to the USAREUR OPM Host Nation Customs Policy Branch. Non-immediate family members are defined as grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, grandson, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin or fiancé.
Visit the USAREUR Customs Web page at, for the exact procedures and the link to download the application form.
If approved, guests can use this exception to policy to drive a USAREUR-plated car in Germany for up to 90 days from their arrival date in Europe. The authority document must be in the car when guests are driving along with the vehicle registration, proof of insurance and their international driver’s license or an official translation of their stateside license.
For more information, people can visit the Ramstein 435th LRG Customs office 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays in Bldg. 2106. For appointments after 3 p.m., call 480-5538.
People can also call the customs office on Kleber Kaserne at 483-8872.
People can call any military customs office, the Customs Hot Line 381-7610 or 0621-7307610 or click on http://www.hqusareur. to find out more.

***image1***Who is who?
According to the USAREUR Web site, the following are considered immediate family members:

Adopted children