Cybersecurity experts ask for help to protect Army information

HEIDELBERG, Germany — U.S. Army Europe information assurance officials want to remind members of the U.S. forces community in Europe that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and that it’s everyone’s duty to protect Army information and communications.

USAREUR cybersecurity experts say there is a real and ongoing war in cyberspace. The U.S. is constantly under cyber attack by hostile governments, organizations and individuals. Everyone can contribute to defending the U.S. against such attacks. Your contributions can include securing networks from hazards, staying up to date on threats and training, practicing good online habits and setting the example for others to be cautious and vigilant as well.

President Barack Obama declared October National Cybersecurity Awareness Month for the first time in 2010. This year’s focus for the U.S. Army in Europe community is on home computing security. USAREUR officials said they will offer more cybersecurity information and resources throughout the month.

More information is also available to computers users on the domain at