Daenner Chapel offers new worship team

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Calvin Eastham
415th Base Support Battalion

Chaplain holds seeker-friendly, contemporary classes

***image1***Daenner Chapel worship sounds a little different these days.
The collective Protestant service at 10 a.m. has always been contemporary, and a new worship team and congregational vision are taking it one step further in the direction of a contemporary, seeker-friendly, worship hour.
The summer worship leader is Chaplain (Capt.) Rick Brunson, the unit chaplain for 39th Transporta-tion Battalion, Kleber Kaserne. He will be the primary worship leader from mid-May through August. He will offer classes designed to present the theology of worship, making worship relevant to our Soldiers and Airmen, and developing religious education and outreach ministries consistent with the church’s mission. A light lunch will be provided during the one-hour class following morning worship Sunday, May 23, June 6 and 13.
According to Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Dudley Neal, the congregation has been moving toward this worship emphasis since last winter when they reviewed the impact they wanted to have in the community. Since then, a music leader has been selected who assembled a praise team, and a new multi-media system was installed.
Chaplain Neal has pastored the congregation since July. He returns in June to his reserve unit and his home church in Clinton, N.C.
“The worship pastors will offer messages of hope that challenge and motivate while providing biblical solutions to real problems and issues,” said Chaplain Brunson. “The ultimate goal at Daenner is to create a house of prayer and praise where every person can know they are in the presence of the eternal God.”
For more information, call the 415th Base Support Battalion’s Chaplain Office at 0631-536-6743 or 489-6743.