Day serves as reminder of truth

Col. Rob Kane
86th Airlift Wing commander

***image1***As we mark Memorial Day 2004, we pay homage to more than a million and a quarter American military members who have faced the appalling trials of war and made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of freedom around the globe.
Memorial Day serves as a tribute to the heroism of those remarkable warriors and as a reminder of the truth of the inscription inlaid on the Korean Was Memorial—“Freedom Is Not Free.”
As we honor our fallen heroes this year, our Nation and its allies continue to fight the global war on terrorism.
Right now as you read this, some of our brothers and sisters in arms are engaged in direct combat operations protecting and preserving the precious rights and freedoms of all peace and freedom loving people—some will fall, for the price of freedom is high—we must never forget these heroes or their families.
So on this Memorial Day—pause, remember our fallen warriors and their families, and take a moment to reflect on your own service and commitment to defending freedom.
Keep our brothers and sisters in arms in your thoughts and prayers as we fight to keep the world safe and free.
Thanks for all that you do. It is an honor to serve with you, the outstanding Airmen of the world’s greatest Air Force, in the defense of freedom—take care of yourselves and each other and God Bless you and the United States of America!