Decorating Kindergraves for Independence Day

by John Constance
“Welcome to Rheinland-Pfalz!” Program Coordinator
The German-American volunteers pose for a photo after decorating the graves. (Photo by Staff Sergeant Daniel Yeadon)

Students from Burg-Gymnasium Kaiserslautern helped to maintain the American children’s graves in the Kaiserslautern cemetery on Wednesday, July 3. Together with the German-American Club Kaiserslautern, the Chiefs Group Ramstein, the Sergeant Morales Club Kaiserslautern and other volunteers, the memorial was beautifully decorated for the 4th of July. German and American volunteers got to know each other better and enjoyed working together for a good cause. 

From 1952 to 1971 American infants, born at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center or at German hospitals nearby, who passed away at birth or shortly after, were laid to rest at the main cemetery in Kaiserslautern (Waldfriedhof) adjacent to U.S. Army Daenner Kaserne. At that time, many military members did not have the capability or funds to send the bodies to the United States.

A wonderful commitment and a great sign of the close German-American ties in the area.


The memorial site is decorated with German and American flags. (Photo by Michael Weis)


BurgGymnasium students work together with American volunteers decorating the graves. (Photo by Michael Weis)


The gravestones are equipped with tiny American flags. (Photo by Michael Weis)