Dependent ID card update

Due to a Department of Defense-wide problem with the production of the Dependent ID Card forms, the Military Personnel Flight ID card issuing facility will be unable to issue Dependent ID cards until the production problem is resolved. In the interim, the following procedures will take effect immediately.
 Civilian employees will still go to their human resources offices to receive a DD Form 1172 (request for dependent ID cards). Once they have this form, they will bring it to MPF customer service, which will load the information into Defense Enrollment Eligibly Reporting System and issue them a new DD Fm 1172 authorizing entitlements such as medical care. Employees will carry the new DD Fm 1172 and their expired ID card as proof for continuing DOD privileges and entry to the base.

Military sponsors must come with their dependents to MPF customer service for their DD Fm 1172.  They will carry their old ID cards and new DD Fm 1172 as proof for continuing DOD privileges and entry to the base.

Anyone with an expired dependent ID card must carry the expired card with a DD Fm 1172 issued from MPF customer service. KMC security forces squadrons are aware of this situation and will need to see both items in order to grant access to the bases in the KMC.

For lost cards, members must fill out the lost/stolen ID letter and have the sponsor bring it to the MPF. The MPF will then fill out the DD Fm 1172 and the dependent will carry it and another form of ID.

New issuance procedures are as follows: military sponsors will come with their dependents to the MPF customer service section for their DD Form 1172. Dependents will carry it along with their passport or stateside driver’s license with photo as proof for continuing DOD privileges and entry to the base.

MPF customer service hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday. Appointments are available by calling 480-5631. (Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Squadron)