Deployed C-20 team supports efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq

Capt. Erin Dorrance
Kaiserslautern American

Many people think the 76th Airlift Squadron only flies distinguished
visitors around Europe, Africa and the U.S., but that is not the case.
One C-20H and a team of 11 active-duty members recently returned from a
90-day deployment flying DVs in and around the war in Iraq and
The team deployed with one of Ramstein’s C-20H aircraft and completed
162 sorties within the three-month period with flights into four

“The 76th AS team has been the most professional airlift support crew
we’ve had in U.S. Central Command Air Forces,” said Lt. Gen. Gary
North, 9th Air Force and U.S. Central Command Air Forces commander. “It
has been an honor and pleasure to serve alongside them during three
months of flight operations throughout the area

The C-20 team maintained 100 percent on-time flights and snatched the
best mission effectiveness rating for the quarter in the 379th
Expeditionary Operations Group, whose inventory includes more than 70
“It was great to have the opportunity to support the war effort,” said
Lt. Col. Gerry Flaugher, Central Command DV Flight Detachment deployed
commander and C-20H aircraft commander.
“We provide a capability for combat leaders to travel around the AORs
in pursuit of their objectives,” he said. “We provided world-class
airlift to DVs and their staffs which freed other air mobility assets
to focus on the requirements of the troops.”

“Among the 508 passengers the C-20 team transported, customers included
a U.S. senator, the U.S. Central Command deputy commander, the Combined
Forces Land Component commander, and the Combined Forces Special
Operations commander,” he said.
As the C-20 team accomplished their mission, they faced many challenges.
“We were flying into combat zones,” said Tech. Sgt. Donald Tresler,
C-20H evaluator flight engineer. “All aircrew members were constantly
engaged in flying safely in that environment. The crew was always
vigilant and helped each other out to ensure our customers’ safety as
well as our own.”

Another challenge the team faced was its small footprint. The
detachment had just 11 people fulfilling the roles and responsibilities
of an entire deployed squadron.

“Many people did an outstanding job of handling multiple additional
duties in addition to their crew duties just to get the job done,” said
Colonel Flaugher. The aircraft flew 80 of 90 days which kept the C-20
team busy flying and mission planning.
Also, the C-20 team was one of the few deployed units that brought a
contract maintenance team to support deployed operations.  
“Three contract maintainers from M7 Aerospace deployed with the C-20
team to ensure the aircraft was fully mission capable. The team rotated
half way through the deployment at the 45-day point,” said Colonel

Despite the challenges the 76th AS faced during their deployment, the DVs were thoroughly impressed with the service provided.
“They are the best seen to date and I am looking forward to flying with them again,” said General North.