Deployments made easier

by Tech. Sgt. Peter Christ
1st Combat Communications Squadron

***image1***Members of the 1st Combat Commun-ications Squadron, using the Air Force Smart Operations 21 initiative, improved post-deployment inspections. The inspections are part of a critical process required to ensure that all returning equipment is properly prepared to deploy again. Changes made to the post-deployment process are a direct result of the squadron’s first AFSO 21 Rapid Improvement Event. The five-day event was conducted in an effort to eliminate waste and streamline post-deployment procedures.

As European and African commands’
No. 1 choice for providing theater-wide deployable communication, members of the 1st CBCS are continuously returning from deployments and immediately preparing to deploy again.

Prior to the RIE, the equipment inspection work area was highly disjointed, forcing technicians to travel the length of the facility numerous times in order to complete the inspection process. Additionally, no standard inspection procedures existed, often causing the process to vary from one work center to another.

Following the week-long event, in which team members analyzed the current process, developed potential improvements and implemented a concept plan, technicians were presented with a waste-free, streamlined process.

The new inspection procedures consolidated work areas, eliminated unnecessary movement and standardized the process of returning equipment to deployable status. Additionally, the new process added a production board, allowing leaders to receive instant updates on post-deployment status including inspection dates, errors identified during quality checks and required corrective measures. 

The new processes were put to the test
Dec. 17 when the unit received pallets from a recently concluded exercise. Members of the satellite communications work center immediately noticed the improvements.