Destination ORI: be ready

With three Operational Readiness Exercises remaining, base leadership is stressing preparedness.

“Participants in these exercises should consider themselves TDY,” said Maj. Jeff Menasco, 86th Airlift Wing Inspections and Readiness chief.  “In other words, is your home and office work squared away?  If not, it needs to be.”

All participants should ensure all loose ends are tied up before they come out to Base X or Base Y, expect 14 plus hour shifts and expect the same demands as a deployment, said Major Menasco.

“The Airmen will be working long hours and the last thing they should worry about is work on their desk or personal issues on the home front.  Make sure your family is aware of your commitments.”
(Courtesy of the 86th and 435th Inspections and Readiness offices)