Discounts offered for immediate payment of fines

Motorists should know about traffic regulations and fines in other countries before traveling there.

Driving under the influence result in high fines and the withdrawal of the driver’s license by foreign government agencies. The German automobile club ADAC has put together a listing of fines for the most important travel destinations.

In Italy, passing the speed limit by more than 50 kph will cost about €530 — €30 more than last year. If running a red light, €170 will be fined. At night (from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.), the fine will be reduced by a third. In very bad cases, not only the driver’s license will be withdrawn, but an imprisonment might be possible as well.

Scandinavian countries have the highest fines. In Norway, motorists must pay a fine of at least €480 when speeding more than 20 kph.

Motorists paying their fines immediately or within a decent time, will be able to receive discounts. In Italy, only the minimum fine has to be paid when paying within 60 days; in France, the fine will be reduced when paying within 15 days. In Greece, traffic offenders only have to pay half when payment is made within 10 days — this also applies to Spain for a payment within 20 days.

(Courtesy of ADAC)