Don’t trash your base

***image1***4 rules to live by when it comes to trash:

1. Only on-base residents are allowed to use dumpsters on base.

2. Trash should be put inside the dumpster, not on the ground by the dumpster;  bulk garbage should be placed outside the night before pick-up, not earlier.

3. Bulk garbage should not be placed on top of underground dumpsters. Off-base residents are allowed to take their garbage to the Ramstein Recycling Center (garbage should not exceed more than a normal household amount).

4. Security forces will issue tickets to all personnel not following base rules on garbage disposal.

For details, call the Civil Engineering Customer Service Line at 480-6540 (Ramstein), 489-6621 (Einsiedlerhof), 496-7422 (Sembach), or the Ramstein Recycling Center at 480-4191.