Don’t trash your base

Nobody likes a trashy neighbor. Keep the living areas on base clean and safe. And, follow these seven rules when it comes to trash.

1.Only on-base residents are allowed to use dumpsters in the housing areas on base

2.Trash should be put inside the dumpster, not on the ground by the dumpster

3.Bulk garbage should be placed outside the night before pick up, and not earlier

4.Bulk garbage should not be placed on top of underground dumpsters, but on sidewalks or by underground dumpsters

5.Off-base residents are allowed to take their garbage to the Ramstein Recycle Center (garbage should not exceed more than a normal household amount)

6.Security forces will issue tickets to all personnel not following base rules on garbage disposal

7.If you have questions, call the Civil Engineering Customer Service Line at 480-6540 (Ramstein), 489-6621 (Einsiedlerhof), 496-7422 (Sembach), or the Ramstein Recycle Center at 480-4191.