Dormitory call discusses

Staff Sgt. M. Davis
Kaiserslautern American editor

***image1***The Combat Proud program was the topic of discussion during a dormitory call March 3 at Ramstein’s Hercules Theater, which served a forum fostering two-way communication between senior leadership and junior enlisted.
The message to dormitory residents was two fold, said Chief Master Sgt. Scott Kilbride, 435th Mission Support Group.
“First, we have come a long way in our efforts to improve the appearance of our bases within the KMC and foster pride in our work and mission,” the chief said. “Second, we must continue this effort by focusing on the pride in ownership part of Combat Proud. Each and every person must take pride in ownership, accountability and owner-user responsibility, not only within your dormitory and immediate area, but beyond — into your neighborhoods.”
The neighborhood, the chief explained, is anywhere people may go on base – the base exchange, medical clinic or bowling alley for example. If there is trash on the ground, people should have the integrity to pick it up and properly dispose of it.
“We should help each other out and create a culture of discipline,” Chief Kilbride said. “Don’t trash your neighborhood and don’t let anyone else trash your neighborhood. Be proud of where you work and live.”
With 10 dormitories located on Ramstein and approximately 950 occupants, there are a lot of people to reach – but also a lot of people who can lend a hand in the effort.
Airman 1st Class Scott Grittner, 435th Medical Group dormitory president, said the dormitory call was important to the residents.
“The fact that much of the senior leadership was there – chiefs, first sergeants, senior NCOs and officers – drove home the importance of the topic,” said Airman Grittner.
Combat Proud initiatives are practiced daily at the medical dormitories, he said.
“We are already doing this at our dormitories,” the Airman said. “If we see trash, we pick it up. If a wall needs painting, we paint it – it’s just that simple.”
The dormitory call hit home for many residents, Airman Grittner said.
“It was surprising to see how this affected people,” he said. “As I went home afterward, I saw people picking up trash. People are really putting this into action.”
The event was informative and worthwhile, said Chief Kilbride.
“The dormitory call was very productive. It showed how leadership is at the forefront of pride in ownership,” the chief said. “Leading by example and providing the opportunities and resources for the troops to succeed in improving the appearance of our bases and to foster pride.”
The dormitory call was the first in a planned series that will include dorm residents at Kapaun Air Station, Vogelweh and Sembach Annex.