Dormitory manager positions available

Courtesy of the 86th Civil Engineer Squadron

The 86th Civil Engineer Squadron has vacancies in dorm management for three staff sergeants and one technical sergeant. They are seeking highly motivated individuals interested in a unique experience that will develop their leadership, mentoring and management abilities and broaden their talents. These positions are highly visible and require working with all levels of leadership.

Applicant criteria:

• E-5 with completed 7-level

• Two years remaining on station

• Commute should be within 30 minutes

• Minimum of 80 percent fitness score

 Provide copies of last three Enlisted Performance Reports and Single Uniform Request Formats

• Must not have received a Selective Re-enlistment Bonus

• Must be released from your Air Force Specialty Code

Job description:

• Ensures a high Quality of Life standard for residents to achieve a clean, safe and secure campus

• Coordinates and advises unit commanders and first sergeants on all matters concerning dorm residents and their QoL

• Manages individual room assignments, terminations and maintains occupancy listings

• Ensures dorms meet public health and safety standards

• Accounts for furniture, appliances, recreational equipment and supplies

• Maintains and coordinates work order requests and repair records to ensure all actions are completed in a timely manner

• Supervises Bay Orderlies to ensure daily cleaning standards are met. Provides after-hour, on-call support to unit leadership and residents

• Ensures fire, safety and health inspections are completed

• Mentors and supports dormitory residents and dorm councils

Those who are interested should contact Master Sgt. Calandra Folds at the Dormitory Reception Center, Bldg. 2108, or call 480-3676.