‘Dragon’s Den’ serves ‘Love, Farewell’ meal for Soldiers deploying to Iraq

Pvt. John Hudspeth
21st Theater Support Command

***image1***The 230th Military Police Company, 95th MP Battalion, 37th Transportation Command, are heading to Iraq in the near future to join tens of thousands of other Soldiers participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Soldiers of the 21st Theater Support Command decided to honor the 230th MP Company with a “Love and Farewell Meal” Feb. 11 at the Rhine Ordnance Barracks “Dragon’s Den” Dining Facility.
“One of our kids is heading out,” said Sgt. 1st Class Eric Jenkins in reference to the 230th MP Company. Sergeant Jenkins had the original idea for the event; he is also the “Dragon’s Den” Dining Facility Manager for the 29th Support Group. “We wanted to provide and share a nice, relaxed atmosphere where Soldiers and their families feel loved and appreciated,” he said.
The dining facility provides meals for the 37th Transportation Command and its subordinate unit, the 230th MP Company, as well as the 29th Support Group and the 251st Cargo Transfer Center, all subordinate units of the 21st TSC.
The 10 staff members of the “Dragon’s Den” consists of Soldiers and local nationals.
“Being Soldiers, we are part of one big family,” said Sergeant Jenkins. “I wanted this event to be kind of like a family reunion.”
“Sergeant Jenkins came to me with the idea and I was overjoyed,” said Capt. David Beaman, the commander of the 230th MP Company. “To have Soldiers from other units go out of their way and volunteer to help was a God-send.
“The Soldiers know they’re appreciated and not only by people in this unit, but by other units as well,” said Captain Beaman. “This kind of event makes Soldiers feel like a part of the community and part of the family.”
The meal consisted of the finest entrees ranging from grilled sirloin steak to steamed lobster tail, and was accompanied with a wide variety of side dishes and a full salad and desert bar.
A total of 304 customers attended the “Love and Farewell Meal.”
“I’ve talked to a lot of the Soldiers here tonight and everyone seems to be very impressed. They loved the food, and they appreciate it very much,” said Captain Beaman.
“The support that we’ve received from the 21st TSC has been absolutely fantastic,” said Captain Beaman. “It’s things like this event tonight, which make the Soldiers feel very cared for and appreciated.”