Driving safety Tips

School starts again

As students return from holiday break, drivers should exercise caution when driving near schools.

While students should be using sidewalks and crosswalks, they sometimes cross the street at other locations. Vehicle operators are ultimately responsible for vigilant driving and children’s safety. Motorists should slow down, stay alert for children playing or walking adjacent to roadways and give buses the right of way when driving near or through these areas.

Don’t get drowsy

• Driving while fatigued accounts for more than 50,000 crashes (more than 1,600 fatalities) a year in Europe
• Common among males under 30, shift workers, sleep disorder sufferers, commercial drivers and new parents
• When people who have normal sleep habits were asked to drive at 2:30 a.m., their performance was comparable to a .05 BAC; at 5 a.m. it went to .08 (Courtesy of the 435th Security Forces Squadron and the 86th Airlift Wing Safety Office)