E-voting at KAMS

Story and photo by Airman 1st Class Amber Bressler
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***There won’t be any hanging chads at Kaiserslautern American Middle School’s 2007 election.

The KAMS students voted electronically in their school elections Nov. 6.

It was the first time that KAMS used electronic voting. The ballots were sent to the students’ e-mail account or the student could choose to go online and vote.

“It is important to use our technology in a meaningful way,” said Joy Murphy, KAMS information technologist. “E-voting creates a serious atmosphere to show students that voting is real and important.”

E-voting only takes two to three minutes. The votes were tallied online and students knew the results before the end of the day.

“This year’s election is way easier with electronic voting,” said Josephine Miller, KAMS eighth-grader. “It is more private and people cannot vote more than once.”

Student council sponsor Kim Howe said e-voting helps students make a connection to adulthood at a young age.

“It shows children that their vote can make a difference,” she said.