Easter Bunny Hunt Contest Winners

In the Special Spring Edition of the Kaiserslautern American April 10, we held an Easter Bunny Hunt contest. Readers were asked to count the number of Easter
bunnies hidden throughout the paper and e-mail it to us for a chance at winning more than 40 great prizes.

About 400 readers wrote in, correctly guessing 15 bunnies, and from this group we picked our winners! Below are the names of the winners of each prize.
On behalf of the Kaiserslautern American, thank you to everyone who
participated in the contest. Keep reading the KA for more ways to win big!

An all-inclusive weekend for two at Hotel/Restaurant Forelle in Ramstein:
Jason Walker

A first-class Alleo-Deutsche Bahn ticket to Paris from Kaiserslautern on July 4:
Marisa May

A family of four ticket pack to Legoland:
Jessica Meisinger

Family-day tickets to the Kaiserslautern Zoo:
•    Alan Sawyer
•    Teresa Almanza
•    Debbie Blackwood
•    Jacqueline Parrish
•    Thai Huong Vu

A €100 gift certificate to Karstadt Kaiserslautern:
Marsha Mollenhauer

A €50 gift certificate to Karstadt Kaiserslautern:
•    Tiffanie Warder
•    Molly Mackenzie
•    Katherine Heaberlin
•    Lori Alanis

A soup bowl from Polish Pottery:
Nickolas Boyer

A gift basket from Edeka Ramstein:
Lorie Ancheta

A gift certificate for two ice cream sundaes at Eiscafe Dolomiti in Landstuhl:
Brandie Martin

A gift certificate for two sandwiches at La Casa Dolce in the Officers’ Club on Ramstein:
Les Eckman

A €20 gift certificate to Globus:
•    Jessica Andreasen
•    Abigail Alicea
•    Kirk P. Winger
•    Barbara Drejza
•    Tonya Parham
•    Nancy Banik
•    Michael MacKinnon
•    Monica Hotaling
•    Troy French
•    Valerie Daniels

A €10 gift certificate to Globus:
•    Katherine Hoagland
•    Shannell M. Fatula
•    Magdalena Glenn
•    Erin Hartman
•    Daniel Nelson
•    Shannon Holt
•    Kandra Allen
•    Connie Ann Roussel
•    Svelta Slatwinski
•    Rogelio Ruiz
•    Andrew Nelson Redondo
•    Andrea Wynne
•    Jeffrey Marino
•    Roxye Marquez
•    Michael Berry
•    Craig Hotaling
•    Melissa Sevier
•    Rich Rizzo
•    Liz Dunham
•    Tricia Schoenfeld