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RHS Book Club
A soft chatter echoed in the room as a dozen students and teachers sipped lemonade and tea while discussing the book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen at the first-ever Ramstein High School Book Club meeting.

Mandy Covington, the leader of the book club, helped lead the group in a discussion of the book as they nibbled on finger sandwiches and biscuits.
Nancy Hoehn, a substitute teacher at RHS, helped plan the tea party and put the discussion questions together to help jump-start the deliberations.

The atmosphere at the afternoon tea party helped the students get in the mindset of 19th century England, which helped in the conversations.

“The students seemed to enjoy themselves and we’re looking forward to having more book club activities,” said Sue Zakariya, Ramstein High School’s head librarian.

DODDS Re-Registration Now Underway
Re-registration is currently underway at all Department of Defense Dependents Schools in the KMC. Re-registration began the first week in April and will continue through summer break. It is important for parents to re-register early as manning is controlled very tightly by the projected and actual enrollment.

Late re-registration hurts the school’s ability to have teachers prepped and ready for instruction when school begins.

If you are a parent of a school-aged child, ensure you get to the school to re-register today.  Information on registration is available on all school Web sites.  
Make sure to bring the following items with you in order to complete the registration process:

Proof of residence, original military or civilian sponsor’s orders with students name listed, extension orders if applicable, shot records, emergency contact names and phone numbers, updated phone numbers, addresses and cell phones are required and the DSE 802 and DSE 803 for school year 09/10, (Category 1F or 1J) – will be completed by sponsor at time of registration/re-registration.

Also, bring your personnel office phone number and contact name.
On the first day of school, this form will be electronically sent to the sponsor’s personnel office for verification.