Emergency number changes to 112 Monday

by Airman 1st Class Melissa Maraj
Kaiserslautern American

One number helps reduce confusion during emergency situations

The Emergency Telephone Number for all Air Force installations within the KMC will change to 112 effective Monday.

In August 1998, a Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment observation noted confusion regarding multiple numbers. As a result, the implementation of 112 was developed in order to reduce the number of different emergency numbers that currently exist in the KMC.

“Under our current system, a member of the KMC has to remember between five and eight different numbers based on the nature and location of the emergency,” stated Brig. Gen. Erwin F. Lessel III, 86th Airlift Wing commander. “Providing a permanent, consolidated ETN for the entire KMC is an essential first step to ensure everyone has immediate access to emergency services,” he said.

The change was made to mirror the emergency number in the civilian community. Although the ETN changed on Air Force bases, existing numbers will remain in place to ensure all calls get to emergency responders.

Army switching and ETN setups differ from those of the Air Force. The Army is currently using 112 as a deployment hotline number. This implementation will not affect the Army’s emergency response operations, call booking procedures or telephone switches. In addition, appropriate advertisements will be available to assist Soldiers transiting Air Force installations.

“We want to emphasize to families the importance of involving everyone in the remembering of the new number,” said Staff Sgt. Christopher Jordan, 568th Security Forces Squadron Ramstein police services. “Write it down and put it next to the phone, on the fridge, or wherever you will see it often so if the need ever does arise, the new number will be easy to dial,” he said.

The German Red Cross and Ramstein emergency responders work closely and have a system in place to ex-change information at a moment’s notice, further supporting the migration to a single ETN for the KMC.

“With one emergency number, all agencies involved will be online at the same time. This saves valuable time, especially when you may be dealing with a serious accident or injury,” said Sergeant Jordan.

For more information, call Lt. Col. Jodine Tooke at 480-6790.