Entertainment bonanza to hit Ramstein Dec. 1

Courtesy of the Air Force Reserve Command

***image2***The KMC will receive an extra dose of holiday cheer when Operation
Season’s Greetings ‘06 hits Ramstein’s Hangar One at 7 p.m. Dec. 1.

OSG ‘06 will be headlined by country music star Jaime O’Neal. The show
also includes cheerleaders from the National Football League’s New
England Patriots, Blues Traveler’s John Popper and Delilah, a national
radio personality.

Jaime O’Neal will headline the event and will perform songs from her
newest CD, “Brave”, as well as her pair of No. 1 hits “There is No
Arizona,” and “When I Think About Angels.”

“I’m am thrilled to have John Popper, Delilah, six of the New England
Patriots Cheerleaders and members of the Air Force Band along to
accompany me on this tour to entertain U.S. military men and women
around the world,” said Ms. O’Neal.

Appearing at USAFE bases and deployed locations, the show will feature six Patriots cheerleaders.

“The Patriots cheerleaders’ performance is really exciting, with
dancing to some great classic rock and roll, country and Top 40 music,”
said Tracy Sormanti, coach of the squad. “Our show also includes a
great deal of audience participation, and is sure to keep everyone
laughing and having fun.”

Members of the cheerleading squad have entertained military troops in more than 20 countries since 9/11.

“I would like the audience to know that whether you are a football fan
or not, the show is a nice reminder of home,” said Stacey McIntyre, a
Patriot cheerleader going on her second tour with Air Force bands. “It
is our little way of saying thank you.”

John Popper from the platinum-selling band Blues Traveler returns to
Operation Season’s Greetings to perform with musicians from the Band of
the U.S. Air Force Reserve and the USAFE Band.

“I’m just so amazed by what kids half my age can do,” Mr. Popper said. “We don’t feel like we hold a candle to the Airmen.”

Mr. Popper enjoys being able to play the concerts, though his real
gratification comes from being able to meet with military members and
their families.

Entertainer of the air waves, Delilah hosts a seven-nights a week radio
and music broadcast to more than 230 radio stations nationally and
internationally. Delilah is heard by almost 8.5 million people around
the world. She receives up to 150,000 phone calls and 1,500 e-mails
daily. Delilah will meet and greet servicemembers and take requests to
loved ones back home during the stops on the tour.

“I receive so many calls every night from people who have loved ones in
harm’s way, and my heart breaks thinking about the fear they live with
every day,” said Delilah. “I hope that by visiting the troops and
bringing them some holiday cheer, they will feel the love and respect
we have for each and every one of them.”
Delilah will also be hosting a radio show at Martini’s Lounge inside the Ramstein Enlisted Club at 7 p.m. Nov 30.

The U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Reserve bands will perform as the
opening act for the shows and play well-known pop and contemporary

“The combined effort serves as a good reminder of how Air Force
reservists partner with the active-duty Air Force and the Air National
Guard to create the Total Force,” said Lt. Gen. John A. Bradley, chief
of the Air Force Reserve, Pentagon. “We’re working together on this
tour to boost troop morale and let our people overseas know their Air
Force family cares about them.”

Headquarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe at Ramstein and Headquarters Air
Force Reserve Command are sponsoring Operation Season’s Greetings. OSG
performers will visit Ramstein, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center,
Incirlik Air Base, Turkey and deployed locations in Southwest Asia.

“The Operation Season’s Greetings tour is exactly what the Air Force
prioritizes for Air Force bands,” said Dave Ballengee, deputy director
of the Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, Robins AFB. “We’re going to
forward and deployed locations for the morale of the troops and their

(Courtesy of the Air Force Reserve Command)