European PTA Regional Spelling Bee Saturday

by Gabriele Arseneault
Landstuhl Elementary Middle School
From left to right, Nicholas Biega, 1st place, Emma Butterfield, 2nd place, and Samuel Cash, 3rd place.

For this year’s Spelling Bee, LEMS students competed for a spot to represent their school in the 2019 European PTA Regional Spelling Bee, held on Saturday, 9 a.m. at Ramstein Elementary School. Thirty students ranging from second to eighth grade participated. After 90 minutes of fierce spelling, the top three spellers were chosen, Samuel Cash, Emma Butterfield, and Nicholas Biega. Nicholas will go on to represent LEMS at Ramstein Elementary on Saturday. LEMS is proud of all the students who accepted the challenge and looks forward to see how Nicholas represents his school in the Regional Spelling Bee.