Everyone plays a part in cyber security

Courtesy of 86th Communications Squadron

Inspections are not new to military members; they are a way to ensure all Airmen are prepared to perform the mission safely and efficiently. Gone are the days of ramping up to prepare for inspections, as maintaining a constant state of readiness is crucial to ensure a unit is always mission ready.

One of the many inspections used is the Command Cyber Readiness Inspection, a Defense Information Systems Agency-level inspection that tests the confidentiality, integrity and availability of KMC’s classified and unclassified network. Meeting the required standards of these three disciplines starts with you, the end user.

The 86th Airlift Wing Information Assurance Office recommends the following to ensure base members always remain mission ready:

• Know how to reach your unit IA officers,  system administrators and security managers.

• SIPRNet screens should not be visible from the doorway.

• Make sure to check IDs at the door and sign guests in on the AF IMT 1109.

• Announce “clear” or ”unclear” when escorting an individual into a classified processing area.

• Keep your common access card with you at all times; do not leave it unattended.

• Do not bring cell phones or unauthorized electronic devices into classified processing areas.

• Ensure no unauthorized/personal software is loaded on government systems.

• All external hard drives must have an approved waiver on file.

• All CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, floppy disks and removable media need to be labeled with the proper classification.

• Have a DD Form 2056 on all government phones. BlackBerry users can sign AF Form 4433, which should be on file with your unit IAO.

• Ensure you have completed end of day checklists, and Standard Forms 701 and 702, if applicable.
The 86th Airlift Wing IA Office appreciates the work of all its information assurance officers and users throughout the KMC.