Exercises raise awareness

Senior Master Sgt. Tommy Wallace and Tech. Sgt. Thomas Woodie
Exercises and Inspections Office

During your routine day, out-of-place items should make you feel like something is not right. Whether it is a package unattended at the post office, a backpack left at the community center or a person snapping pictures at the perimeter fence line, these events should raise suspicion and trigger action.

We all work in a busy environment, and we can feel isolated from the dangers which are present during the Global War on Terrorism. Our message is to not become complacent.

To facilitate our message, a monthly installation awareness exercise was developed by the 86th Airlift Wing and 435th Air Base Wing vice commanders. The concept is simple: test situational awareness, which is the ability to maintain composure and vigilance.

The intention of this exercise is to raise and sustain base awareness of certain activities, personnel and our surroundings. Every month a scenario dealing with a suspicious package, placement of personnel in restricted areas (including prior coordination with SFS and unit commanders), along with activation of fire alarms allows the base populace to check evacuation and accountability procedures along with notification and information flow.

When you see or feel that something is out of place or just not right, you’re probably correct. Step up and take action:

• Call 112, on a cell phone or off base, call 06371-47-112
• Notify supervisors and they will take further action
• In the event of a suspicious item, do not touch or attempt to reposition the item
• Do not use a cell phone or radio near a suspicious item
• Ensure everyone knows the evacuation route and gathering points
• Take personnel accountability if an evacuation occurs