Fall driving presents dangers

Traffic experts of the Westpfalz Police Headquarters Kaiserslautern
remind motorists to drive cautiously during fall because the season
provides a lot of dangers.

In the mornings and evenings, fog will impact the drivers’ view.
“Take your foot off the gas,” said Polizeihauptkommissar Markus
Steinmetz, who is in charge of traffic at the Westpfalz Police
Headquarters. “Driving fast in fog is dangerous; good drivers want to
see where they are going and adjust their speed.”

One problem for motorists is that fog makes things appear further away.
“Never follow too close to drivers in front of you; they can’t see any
better and are closer than you think,” said PHK Steinmetz. “Drive as
fast as the distance you can see. When visibility is about 50 meters,
drive about 50 (KPH).”

The distance of the side poles on country roads can help because they are 50 meters apart.

It is important to be seen by others at all times. Motorists should
always turn their headlights on, even during the day. Fog headlights
should only be used in fog, rain or snow. Rear fog lights should be
turned on when the view is less than 50 meters, because these lights
can blind following drivers.

Another danger in fall is wet leaves, which make the streets slippery.
Fall is also harvest time. In rural areas, tractors and other slow
agricultural vehicles are on the streets, increasing the danger of
skidding near fields and meadows due to mud.

Fall weather also means rainy weather.
“Don’t drive too fast,” said PHK Steinmetz. “Depending on the condition
of the street, the breaking distance can be twice as long.”

A safe arrival also requires motorists to obey speed limits and have
efficient tire tread. Motorists should check their windshield wipers
and if necessary, exchange them, since they will be used more often
(Courtesy of the Westpfalz Police Headquarters Kaiserslautern)