Fall holds variety of dangers for motorists

Information provided by ADAC

In fall, there is an increase in deer crossing roads and highways, say officials of the German automobile club ADAC. Red deer, wild boars, rabbits and foxes don’t find enough protection in the harvested fields and flee into the forests to find cover. They often have to cross streets and put themselves, as well as motorists, in danger. In fall, game can be found along avenues with trees, where they eat chestnuts, acorns and fruit that have fallen from trees.

***image1***In the coming weeks, motorists must drive extremely carefully along fields and forests, especially at dusk and dawn. The rule is: wherever there is a forest, there is a deer. It’s important to reduce the speed and to be ready to brake at all times. On streets with deer crossing traffic signs, drivers should drive in a cautiously way.

If a collision with game happens, the warning lights must be turned on and the vehicle has to be secured. Injured persons have to be taken care of and the police must be called. The animal should not be touched. Foxes can be infected with rabies and deer, that appear unconscious, can kick out. It’s considered poaching if somebody takes the deer and puts it in the trunk. This results in the confiscation of the vehicle and a fine. In some cases, a prison sentence of up to five years is possible. Car owners need a written confirmation by the police or the game lessee so the comprehensive insurance will pay for the damage. The game lessee is obligated to find an animal that got hit and hurt, and put it out of its misery.

Fall is harvest time, which means right now a lot of agricultural vehicles are on the roads. Driving out from fields, these vehicles bring clay and mud onto roads.

According to ADAC officials, there is an increased risk of accidents, especially for motorcycle drivers. The clay and mud, in combination with rain, can make roads slippery, almost like black ice.

Also, harvest products falling off the vehicles can cause some danger. Motorists should reduce speed and drive extremely carefully along fields and next to agricultural streets. A greater distance to the driver ahead and soft braking helps with safety.

Often, motorists don’t see what danger can be caused by agricultural vehicles such as harvester combines, since they are wider and cross more than half of the street.

When passing, drivers must be very cautious. In many cases, motorists have to slow down and follow patiently until the agricultural vehicle leaves the main road again.

(Information provided by ADAC)