Families invited to C-130J arrival ceremony April 7

by Capt. John Ross
Ramstein Public Affairs

Ramstein will celebrate the arrival of its first J-model C-130 Super Hercules aircraft and the opening of a brand-new dual-bay maintenance hangar at 3 p.m. April 7.

Servicemembers are encouraged to bring their families to the ceremony, which will be held on Ramp 1 of the Ramstein flight line.

“The arrival of the J marks a significant moment in Ramstein’s history,” said Lt. Col. Stuart Weinberger, C-130J Program Integration Office chief. “Giving spouses and children a chance to see the new airplane up close will give family members a better sense of what we do here.”

The new aircraft is scheduled to land on-station for the first time during the ceremony and taxi into place while attendees watch.
After the ceremony, audience members will be able to walk around the plane and take a look inside.

Family-friendly refreshments will be available, and commemorative coins and posters will be handed out at the entrance to the event.
“We’re very proud of this plane and the new capabilities it brings,” Colonel Weinberger said. “This is our chance to show it off to the Kaiserslautern Military Community.”