Family Fun at Luisenpark

If you are anything like myself, then you might feel a little giddy every time you look at the weekend weather forecast and see a glorious prediction of mild temperatures and sunshine. This weekend my family and I decided to plan a one day, no-frills excursion to Luisenpark, which is only 50 minutes away in Mannheim.

When the temperatures rise, Luisenpark is a popular place for Mannheim visitors to picnic, play or just to kick back and relax.

Luisenpark has something to offer for every age. We were completely amused with the large-mouth fish following our gondola on the Kutzerweiher Lake forming a side channel of the old Neckar River within the park. Gondolas are pulled by an underwater rope, making a large loop around the peaceful lake.  Flamingos, pelicans, swans, ducks and fish are in abundance, creating a perfect home at Luisenpark.

The park is a beautiful site for concerts, operas, musical shows and plays within its stage area, which contains 1,000 seats. Flower gardens are everywhere, and the park includes  Chinese gardens, a Chinese tea house and restaurant. Many folks were enjoying a bite to eat and a drink at the outdoor tables, taking in the sun.

We made ourselves comfortable in a gorgeous meadow area close to the playgrounds and model farm, which came complete with domestic animals. Do not forget to visit the bird aviaries, butterfly house, salt- and fresh water aquariums.

Towering over Luisenpark at 205 meters is a communication tower complete with a rotating restaurant.

Visitors enjoying a picnic at Luisenpark.

After enjoying a picnic lunch and game of ball, we decided to walk the park’s well manicured paths to a beer garden for a quick ice cream before heading back to Kaiserslautern.

Whether you are looking for the perfect picnic location or just searching for a change of scenery, the opportunities for outdoor enjoyment at Luisenpark are in great abundance.

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