Family housing surveys produce results

The annual Army Family Housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey kicks off Tuesday and Baumholder Military Community leadership is counting on this year’s poll to bring even more feedback than last year’s.

“We are listening. Because of last year’s results, the Baumholder Military Community took swift action to address concerns about parking, renovations and landscape beautification,” said deputy garrison manager Jae Kim.

According to BMC Housing Chief Harald Kastner, residents can expect to receive the link to the survey via their email addresses on file with the housing office; therefore, he said, residents need to ensure that they have access to those accounts. Residents can contact the housing office to update their information. He said the surveys are compatible on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Kastner said that residents will receive a unique survey code and ensured residents have anonymity. He added that residents should not share their code; it’s unique to one user.

“We can only see from which neighborhood the survey participated,” said Kastner.

Parking, especially at Smith Barracks, is an issue that has been mentioned both in previous surveys and at BMC housing town halls.

In response, the Department of Public Works team repainted spaces to create more spots and started an enforceable parking permit system for Smith Barracks residents, according to Kastner.

Additionally, Baumholder is planning a full-scale beautification project and, according to Kastner, contracted custodial services for stairway housing are in the works.

“We’re working diligently to make the BMC housing areas look better than ever,” said Kim. “Baumholder is already a beautiful place but we want to make our residential areas the gem of the region.”

According to Kim, survey feedback also shapes the future of Army housing. In-unit improvements such as washer and dryers have already been implemented and the rolling shutters and balconies are projected to arrive in the next two years. Additional town houses and new schools are planned for the Wetzel housing area in three to five years, said Kim.

“We fought and won the authorization for tenants to use their own air conditioning units,” said Kim. “Residents will eventually get the best of both worlds – the cooling effect of German rolladens and the comfort of home with AC.”

Government contracts and renovations are not a quick process, said Kastner. Current residents may not get instant gratification from 2022 survey results but they now are reaping the rewards of surveys past.

“Current residents may not get to see these changes but actions they take now will be appreciated by Soldiers and their families to come,” said Kastner.

Kastner said this year’s survey questions are similar to 2021’s questionnaire and that residents can anticipate questions about:

Visual appeal of the community.

Outdoor safety and amenities such as parking, sidewalks, parks.

Satisfaction of in-unit appliances and finishes.

Timeliness and service of maintenance requests and repairs.

Customer service of housing office.

“Each and every one of our residents can make a difference. Small things can have big and lasting impressions,” said Kastner. “If our residents let us know what could make their live easier and if it is doable we will make or acquire those changes.”

The Tenant Satisfaction Survey is Office of Management and Budget approved: OMB Control Number 0704-0553; OMB Expiration Date 03/31/2022.