Farewell fellow Airmen

Chief Master Sgt. Gerald R. Murray
Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force

It’s been my honor and privilege to serve as your 14th Chief Master
Sergeant of the Air Force.  As I culminate my 29-year career, I
want to thank each of you for volunteering to serve our nation, for
fighting the Global War on Terror and for continuing to keep our Air
Force strong.  

Early in my tenure I wrote a CMSAF Perspective entitled: “To the
members of the best enlisted force in the world.”  I
whole-heartedly believed that then; now after four years traveling
around our Air Force, meeting with so many of you and witnessing the
tremendous feats you accomplish everyday, I’m convinced even more.

Your pride and professionalism are awesome and continue to make the
difference in our ability to accomplish our mission. We dominate in
air, space, and across the planet because of you. You truly are the
nation’s and our Air Force’s greatest asset.  

As America’s Airmen we are asked to lead the way in the fight for freedom. 
Together we transformed from Cold War mentalities to a combat
expeditionary Air Force … an incredibly strong, agile, and lethal
force.  Our combat role began more than 15 years ago with Desert
Storm.  You’ve since honed your skills through Operations Northern
and Southern Watch, Allied Force, Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and
Iraqi Freedom, among many others challenges.  

In the Global War on Terror you’ve taken the fight to the enemy and
defeated them everywhere you engaged. As the war continues, you must
remain resolute, strong, and prepared to fight anytime and anywhere
that our liberties, or those of our allies, are threatened.  I am
confident that just as those who came before us overcame challenges,
you will continue to soar to the challenges ahead with courage,
commitment, and conviction.  I’m grateful to have served with such
outstanding men and women who exemplify these values.   

Because of your service and sacrifice, the seeds of Democracy are
growing in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas of the world.  Take
pride in your part in building the future of these nations — nations
that simply want to enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted. 
Most importantly, stand fast in preserving our great democracy and way
of life in the United States of America.  As Airmen, we can
measure our success not in dollars, rank or recognition, but in the
ability to make a difference in someone else’s life, in our nation and
in our world.  

Our Chief of Staff, General Moseley, selected Chief Rod McKinley to be
the 15th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.  He is a
committed leader, with tremendous experience, education and
compassion.  His strength and character make him the right person
at the right time to lead and represent our outstanding enlisted force.

I leave you in good hands, and the Air Force in your capable
hands.  Keep your focus on winning this war and taking care of
each other. Best wishes to each of you.