First priority: Patient safety

The 435th Medical Group is joining other leading health care organizations around the globe in celebration of Patient Safety Awareness Week, Sunday to March 8.
This year, the week is focused on safe medication management and effective communication as the patient safety tools of choice. The theme, “Patient Safety: A Road Taken Together,” emphasizes a collective effort for safer health care among patients, families, providers and communities.

Programs promoting new methods for improving the information exchange that occurs during health care encounters will be launched and highlighted by the 435th MDG during the course of the week.

As part of the celebration, there will be a global focus on improving health literacy – the ability of individuals to understand and use health information effectively as they participate in their health care. This requires a focus by providers on the way in which they convey information to patients and a willingness by patients to be actively involved in their care.

“Nurturing a safety- and quality-focused health care environment is the first goal of our medical group’s strategic plan,” said Col. Angela Thompson, 435th MDG commander. “We are very excited to be introducing two new patient safety programs this year that focus specifically on medication safety and communication. Patient safety is truly our first priority.”

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(Courtesy of 435th Medical Group)