First Space Guardian for NATO Space Centre

Major Matthew Leines, a founding member of the NATO Space Centre, officially joined the U.S. Space Force during a ceremony on Aug. 12.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Space Centre gained its first U.S. Space Force Guardian, when a key member of the team, Major Matthew Leines, officially transferred from the U.S. Air Force to the U.S. Space Force on Aug 12.

During the formal ceremony held at Allied Air Command on Aug. 12, Major Leines, an engineering officer with expertise in nano-satellites and space systems, joined the U.S. Space Force. Although Major Leines was a founder member of the NATO Space Centre, his transfer to the U.S. Space Force underlines the importance of deepening cooperation between NATO and Allied space entities.

“Space is a hugely dynamic environment, which is becoming more crowded and competitive,” said Colonel James Quinn, NATO Space Centre’s Senior Mentor. “The expertise of our people is what ensures we optimise the provision of space data and services to Commanders to support timely decision-making.”

In addition to being part of the growing, multinational team at the NATO Space Centre, Major Leines is a key member of the growing Alliance space cadre. NATO is investing significant effort in the training and education of personnel working in the Space Domain, with courses coming online that will complement national training.

Space is increasingly important to the Alliance’s and Allies security and prosperity. The NATO Space Centre provide a critical focal point for all space matters, supporting commanders during land, sea and air operations. The Centre coordinates constantly with national space entities during exercises, operations and activities.