Foundation sponsors fall charity fest

***image1***The Patton Plusczyk Foundation sponsors a German-American fall charity celebration 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Möbel Martin furniture store in Kaiserslautern (PRE-Park, Europaallee 21).

With a program of entertainment for children and adults alike, this intercultural event combines the best traditions of the German and American holiday seasons: Erntedank, or Thanksgiving, Saint Martin and Halloween.

In the children’s play area (Kinderparadies) on the second floor, children of all ages are invited to take part in little autumn wonders: storytelling, painting competition, lantern-making, singing and other activities. Children from the Kaiserslautern area have volunteered to entertain with brief musical and theatrical contributions.

Adults can enjoy the cooking expertise of skilled chefs from Germany and the U.S. in the store’s kitchen section, which is adjacent to the Kinderparadies. They will prepare traditional recipes while providing useful tips on how to make them. Visitors are welcome to taste the delicious result. The food of the restaurant on the second floor will also reflect the theme of “Erntedank,” or Thanksgiving-style cooking.

The proceeds of this fund-raising event will be donated to German and American charitable organizations.

One part will go to the “Arts Connect Hearts” Program – an international and intercultural exchange program for children, schools and teachers set up by the Patton Plusczyk Foundation here in Germany. The other part of the donations will support the work of the “Fisher House” in Landstuhl, where the families of wounded servicemembers can stay while they await the release of their loved ones from hospital.

Helen Patton Plusczyk, the granddaughter of Gen. George S. Patton Jr., is the founder of the Patton Plusczyk Foundation, which is a non-political, non-profit foundation registered with the German Minister of Culture.

“The Patton Plusczyk Foundation’s mission stems from my desire to bring together the most significant aspects of my life as a Master of Fine Arts, as a Patton, and most importantly as someone who struggles with – and ultimately celebrates – cultural interplay every single day of my life,” said Mrs. Patton Plusczyk.

She is married to a German, which essentially has come to mean marrying into another culture. The foundation develops contexts for cultural inter-play, encourages acceptance and understanding through dialogue and shared experience in the arts and humanities, and supports and presents the work of performing and visual artists worldwide.

For more information on the Patton Plusczyk Foundation, visit www.patton-

(Courtesy of Patton Plusczyk Foundation)