GACO Corner — Military Spouses working in Germany

by German American Community Office
Photo by voronaman/

Are you a military spouse looking for a job while your partner is stationed here?

Your SOFA status actually counts as a labor permit within the Germany economy, allowing you to pursue employment outside the wire.

However, when doing so, please keep in mind that all income generated within the German economy is not subject to NATO SOFA. In easier terms, your income will be subject to German taxes and social security payments.

You also need a German health insurance, Tricare alone is not sufficient.

These rules, in principle, also apply if you are self-employed. For example, if you have a small business selling items like handmade soaps and candles on a somewhat professional level, it must be properly registered with German authorities and will be taxed accordingly.

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg. There are many exceptions, additional regulations, and niche cases for specific professions.

If you would like to learn more reach out to our office and we will guide you to the correct people to talk to. Contact or Tel. 0631 – 363 3010.