Geierlay, Germany’s longest suspension bridge

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Opened in October 2015, Geierlay is Germany’s longest suspension bridge, and it makes for a wonderful day out in the stunning German countryside! The suspension bridge is 360m long and 100m high. Do you dare to cross it?

My Arriving

When I entered the town of Mörsdorf into my GPS, I felt like I was about to journey through Middle Earth to destroy Frodo’s ring. But this gorgeous terrain was as far from Mordor as one can get. After a beautiful drive through Rheinland-Pfalz, we arrived at the Geierlay Visitor Center.

The visitor center is in a modern wood building which offers a café and restrooms. There are no bathrooms by the bridge, so use the bathroom before you depart! The center also has a designated parking area. There is no cost to go on the bridge, but the only fee is 2 Euros per day for parking.

A request from the visitor center is that you do not try to drive to the bridge, but to reach it only on the paths by walking or biking. Also you are required to respect the beautiful landscape and pack out any trash you might have.

Head to the Bridge

Time to head to the bridge! When walking to the road, look for the signpost that points to where you start the walk to the bridge.

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You turn right on the main road, then turn on a side road on the left which brings you out to the field.

The paved walkway is 1,7 km to the bridge. The way to the bridge is actually a really beautiful walk! If you have a little one, I suggest bringing a stroller or wagon. If not, you may end up like me and have a child on your shoulders on the journey back! Strollers might not fit on the actual bridge, but there is an area where you can leave them.

When you turn the final corner of the bridge’s path, there is an area where you can sit and take in the amazing view.

After we admired the scenery for a little bit, we were ready to walk across. Being there on a weekday, we pretty much had the bridge to ourselves!

The only thing surrounding the bridge is untouched, breathtaking forest. It is chicken soup for the soul!

Walking on the bridge was very thrilling and I felt safe on it. Since we were not in a rush, we had time to take in the spectacular surroundings.

It is said that it takes six minutes to briskly walk across to the other side; however, it took us much longer because how many photos we took.

For anyone looking to expand the walk back, you also have the possibility to take a hike in the woods. There is a trail map with all of the routes.

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One hiking route will take you across the bridge, down under the bridge and then up the other side.

How to Get There


Geierlay Visitor Center

Kastellaun Straße 23

56290 Mörsdorf

The drive to Geierlay is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes west of Wiesbaden, 1 hour and 30 minutes northwest of Kaiserslautern and just under three hours northwest of Stuttgart.

Author’s Profile: Gemma is a mom, a veteran, and an Army civilian living in Wiesbaden, Germany. With New Jersey roots, she is enjoying her extended European vacation.