General court-martial

On Dec. 17 in the Ramstein Air Base Courtroom, Senior Airman Gabriell Lopez, a member of the 435th Munitions Squadron, was convicted in a general court-martial by a military judge and found guilty of wrongful sexual contact, in violation of Article 120, Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

The court-martial was for an assault that took place in December 2007 in Airman Lopez’s home.

The victim, who is also a male Airman, fell asleep at Airman Lopez’s home after they had gone out drinking with a group of friends. 

The victim woke up to find Airman Lopez fondling his genitals and performing oral sex on him. The victim immediately contacted the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and reported the assault.    

At his trial, Airman Lopez admitted only to the fondling, but he was found guilty of the entire allegation after the military judge heard all of the evidence, including the victim’s testimony.

Airman Lopez was sentenced to a reduction in grade to E-2, confinement for seven months, forfeiture of $1,500 pay per month for seven months and a bad conduct discharge. He also received a federal criminal conviction on his record and he will be required to register as a sex offender. 

After sentencing, Airman Lopez was taken directly from the courtroom to jail.

Aside from the sentence imposed by the military judge, Airman Lopez’s criminal assault on a fellow Airman will also bring additional lifelong consequences, including the loss of nearly all veteran’s benefits otherwise earned during his four years of service, including the G.I. Bill.  

(Compiled by the 435th Air Base Wing/JA Military Justice Section)