General Court-Martial

General Court-Martial

On Jan. 21, Senior Airman Timothy J. Miller, 721st Aerial Port Squadron, pleaded guilty and was subsequently convicted in a general court-martial for committing indecent acts upon a child under the age of 16, in violation of Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

Airman Miller was sentenced to a bad conduct discharge, 18 months confinement and a reduction to E-1.

The crime occurred in 2006 near Yakota Air Base, Japan.  Airman Miller was babysitting the child of a fellow Airman.  This was the first time Airman Miller babysat the young child; however, he had often visited with the family and ate dinner with them. 

Airman Miller was charged with touching the child’s vagina with his fingers and giving her an open-mouth kiss, both with the intent to appeal to his sexual desires. He eventually confessed to Air Force Office of Special Investigations agents that he committed the acts because he wanted to explore his curiosities. He acknowledged in open court that an adult like him should never touch a child with the intent to satisfy himself in a sexual way.

Once released from confinement, Airman Miller will be required to register as a sex offender.

(Compiled by 435th ABW/JA Military Justice Paralegals)