German-American women’s club donates money to charities, schools, programs

Recently the German-American and International Women’s Club donated €20,000 to different organizations. The money stems from the net profit of the Pfennig Bazaar which was held on the garden fair area in Kaiserslautern in March.

During a ceremony at Casimirsaal in Kaiserslautern’s Barbarossa Castle, the club’s American president, Deb Ricker, and its German president, Helga Bäcker, presented donations to different charity organizations, women’s aid groups, student exchange programs, scout troops and others.

“Before we pass out the money, we look deeply into it,” said Ulrike Reichardt, 2nd vice president. “Who really needs the money? And we try to give fair shares.”

The annual Pfennig Bazaar is the club’s biggest fundraiser. “It is like a huge flea market offering everything from clothes, household items, books to toys at decent prices,” said Ms. Reichardt.

Honorary member, Lord Mayor Bernhard Deubig, said that the Pfennig Bazaar is a location where different nations meet in a friendly way. He also praised the time and work of volunteers.

“We want to continue the tradition of collecting donated items starting the first Wednesday in September,” said Ms.  Reichardt. The club’s storage room in PRE-Park opens every first Wednesday of the month from noon to 2:30 p.m.

The club, originally called the German-American Women’s Club, was founded in 1956. Its goal is to reinforce and improve the understanding and relations between Germans, Americans and other nationalities. It also wants to promote tolerance within cultures and foster friendship within all communities. A few years ago, the club opened to all nationalities and its name was changed to include the term “international.”
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