Germany’s most scenic spots

While Germany may not boast iconic spots like the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, it certainly does have its fair share of beautiful locations scattered throughout the country. Couples can picnic next to some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe or, instead, opt to stay in a hotel nestled in the countryside with striking mountain views. Whether you are a couple, group or solo adventurer looking for outdoor adventures or quiet evenings spent strolling and sightseeing, there is certainly something for you here in these quintessential spots listed below.

1. Bad Ems, Germany

View of the spatown Bad Ems at the river Lahn in Germany

Bad Ems is a small, beautiful town located in the picturesque region of Lahn Valley. While this municipality offers gorgeous views of the Lahn River and rolling green hills, it is most famous for its bathing resort, where couples can enjoy various spa treatments from different clinics! For the exploratory couple, there are many outdoor activities that you can partake in that include water sports, cycling, golfing and so much more. This is the idealistic spot for lovers looking to relax and decompress in some of Europe’s oldest spas. Also, as an added bonus, Bad Ems is also home to a grandiose flower parade that takes place every year in August.

2. Bamberg, Germany

Scenic summer panorama of the Old Town pier architecture in Bamberg, Germany

The town of Bamberg in Bavaria is said to be one of Germany’s greatest treasures. It is situated over seven hills that are populated with medieval churches that date back to the year 1004. Not only does this area boast an abundance of vivid and historic architecture, but it also houses modern shops and boutiques, nine breweries located throughout the city, an amazing nightlife scene and a world-class symphony orchestra. For the duo that loves to explore old towns and architecture but also enjoys the contemporary lifestyle, this is the perfect place to visit! Plus, if you’re looking to tie the knot, hosting a destination wedding here would provide with a great number of historic churches to choose from as a unique setting!

3. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle. Germany

One place in Germany that the locals believe to be “impossibly romantic” is the Neuschwanstein Castle, located on the top of a hill in a small town in Bavaria.  Once used as a place of refuge for the king, it was opened to the public shortly after his death in 1886. Whether you choose to visit in the summer or wintertime, you will be taken aback by its beauty. Not only is the castle itself breathtaking, but it also offers amazing views of the area around it. There is a path located right next to the venue that can transport you on an easy trip right into the Alps, or  you can enjoy picturesque views from indoors of the surrounding hills and the Alpsee Lake situated in the valley below.

4. The Romantic Road

View to the Wurzburg town from Marienberg castle.

If the dreamy views of this historic Neuschwanstein Castle interest you, then taking the “Romantic Road” up to see it would be the perfect option for you! This route is located in southern Germany between the towns of Wurzurg and Fussen, and is about 200 miles long. This long trip enables you to take in every view of “quintessential” Germany: the numerous antiquated towns, castles and mountains are strewn throughout the journey and are sure to get you excited to reach your destination of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Whether you and your sweetie are looking for an adventurous time to bring you closer together or just want a few days to relax and unwind, the options are endless in Germany! Romance is just around every corner; from quaint towns that are bursting with culture to the snow-covered Alps and establishments of Old-World royalty, Germany is a one-of-a-kind dream destination!